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Dogs that have long or full coats that require a Full Service need our premium service

Full Groom aka FULL FLUFF:

  • One to one consultation with our Stylist or Grooming Manager
  • Full spa treatment using professional shampoo’s (best suited to your dog’s coat & skin type) with deep cleansing properties & essential oils. Coat is thoroughly brushed out.
  • Towel dry and blow dry for the best finish
  • Clipping or scissor styled to your requirements or breed standard.
  • Full preventative care treatment given as required, including:-
    • Nails trimmed
    • Anal glands expressed
    • Ears cleaned & plucked
    • Eyes cleaned and cleared of any debris
    • Sanitation area cleared
    • Hair between pads cleared out
    • Skin checked.
    • Fragrance sprayed.
  • We also Handstrip if required.

At FLUFF THE RUFF we don’t use cage or cabinet drying,
all doggie clients are hand dried.



If you have a certain requirement for your dog (they are all different after all), please do tell us, giving us a thorough brief on exactly what you require, this will leave little room for error and allow us to present your dog to you in exactly the way you like!

If you have a short coated breed or you require a “maintenance/interim” service for your long coated breed, you will need a…


This is different to a Full FLUFF (full groom) as it does not cut hair on the torso of the dog. So for a short coated dog, this is all you need!  For a long coated dog,  it is simply a clean-up, an interim service. They are a vital, & cost efficient way of keeping your dog looking his/her best between full grooms.

Just a trim, please!

A SPLASH AND DASH is a trim up around the face, feet, tail, and sanitary area.

All Splash & Dash packages include:

  • A spa bath with massage
  • High velocity blow drying
  • Ears cleaned and/or plucked
  • Face trim, feet, tail and sanitary area trimmed
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Nails clipped
  • Fragrance


Puppies are welcome after all vaccinations have been administered, we will need to see a copy of the vaccine card to hold on file.

Your new puppy will benefit from new sights, sounds and smells of the grooming environment from an early age and become accustomed and comfortable to being handled.

We offer a PUPPY FLUFF (for their first session) as an Intro to Grooming as well as a Puppy Groom for 2nd visits onwards until it is time for them to experience their first proper Full Fluff (full groom).

With a puppies first groom it’s a case of what you can do as opposed to what you want to do. Many puppies first experience has a lasting impression and with a life time of grooming ahead of him or her a good experience is so important.


Is your dog being spoilt rotten and staying in our Overnight Hotel?

Lucky DAWG!

We can also send your dog home afterwards smelling delightful and offer a much reduced rate for a Bath, Brush and Blow Dry



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