You really are important to us, but we don’t set a stage when we think you are going to visit. We always look this great!  So, you are invited to pop over for a tour of the premises whenever you like.

We will be able to show you via our viewing panels some of the dogs in the playrooms, view our CCTV as the whole site is filmed, the bedrooms in the hotel area and you will get to meet some staff.

We will not take you into the playrooms with the dogs, as this will disturb them.

You can come on your own or bring your dog with you, we do not mind, though your dog will stay with you and on a lead at all times please.

We are open seven days per week for an ad hoc tour, but please be patient if we are not immediately available to help you, we have a comfy reception for you to wait in.

Our busy times are between 8am – 10am and 4pm – 6pm every day as this is drop off and collection time, so avoid this if you are time conscious please.

Dogs sitting together

We are five star rated

Why Suffolk Canine Creche?

Our clients told us that when they made the first decision to use our services it was based on our overall facility, how impressive it is.

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Got a question? Visit our FAQ's

Got any questions? If so, why not check out our FAQ’s, where we explain how we operate and our unique policies and services.

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