With ten customised bedrooms, each bedroom is centrally heated, with double glazed doors, raised beds and themed

What's included

Individual giant bedrooms, all on site. Dogs do not have to be transported off site to any other location

Communal Lounge the TV den

Raised Beds (childrens) with fluffy comfortable bedding, freshly laundered

Individually heated

Double glazed doors, not bars.

Care 24/7

Flatscreen TV in every room –this provides a familiar noise and environment to your own homes, thereby reducing stress, and offering similarities that your dogs are at ease with.

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So, you might like for your canine to attend a sleep over in the “Princess Room”, “Toy Story Room” or maybe “Winnie The Pooh” is more to your liking! You are forgiven for thinking they resemble toddlers bedrooms – they do!

We have flat screen TV’s in every room and can supply WebCam links to each bedroom where (via password only) you will be able to access the camera in your dogs bedroom and assure yourself that they are happy and content during their stay with us.

  • Arrival and check in must be between 8am and 10am on the day that you will require the Overnight Stay. Your 24 hour period starts in the mornings only, this gives your dog the chance to join a pack and make friends, easing them into an overnight stay.
  • Pooches will become tired together, as opposed to having a lively one turn up at bedtime and upset the others.
  • Assuming you collect your dog by 10am the following morning you will be charged for only one day/night.

 If you collect after 10am and prior to 1pm, you will incur a further half day Creche Charge, and if you collect after 1pm it will be a full days charge for Creche. 

Our VIP Member Pack

We have a VIP members packs (limited numbers, as we only have ten bedrooms) this provides greatly reduced rates, priority booking for peak times, no black-out dates, no minimum nights during peak seasons. Occasionally special offers with discounts for bulk bookings are available, please enquire.

View your dog in their bedroom while they stay!

At Suffolk Canine Creche we have webcams placed in every bedroom, when you check your dog in with us, you will be given a unique log in and password in order to access the camera in your dog’s bedroom.

Day At The Beach

Lion King

Winnie The Pooh



Union Jacks

The TV Den

Little Mermaid

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Toy Story

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen

Interested in our webcams?

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SSSHHHHHHH puppies getting ZZZZZZ’s here

Day Care

Need Day Care For Your Dog That You Can Count On?

We’re a trusted five star rated day care provider with a community of dogs and owners who rely on us.

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Sleepovers in on luxury Doggie Hotel @ Creche.

Ten customised bedrooms, each bedroom is centrally heated, with double glazed doors, raised beds and themed.

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Fluff the Ruff the on-site salon, making the world beautiful…one dog at a time

Treat your dog, with our  team of highly competent stylists in our on-site salon Fluff The Ruff.

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Nana Creche

Looking or in need of an in-home canine care services?

Our team of Nana’s are competent, trained, professional, are advanced first aid trained, DBS cleared and operate with our support

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Splishing great benefits of using the Creche Pool.

The pool is predominantly used for Day Creche clients, you can also book private 121’s and much more…

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Puppy Paw-ties

Puppy Paw-ties

Yes, you have found the home of the FAMOUS PUPPY PARTIES

Invented here at Suffolk Canine Creche, and over the years have evolved to these ever popular, sell out events!

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