Here's some of our most Frequently Asked Questions... Answered.

You make an appointment to register here, you will be with us for about half an hour and you will be required to complete a detailed form and we will assess the temperament of your dog, we also need a copy of the vaccine card.

Yes, but we must have a copy of the scores and a letter from your vet stating that the levels are providing an adequate protection and when your vet recommends a retest.

No, they are all temperament tested, sadly we are not able to pass all dogs, our fail rate is high as safety will always be placed first.

We are a very unique facility, We have up to 80 dogs playing freely together, across three playrooms. Therefore we apply more rules and policies than most canine facilities. We collate national insurance statistics that record insurance claims made for dog on dog injuries and we do not accept the highest causing breeds.

We also look at rescue centres and monitor the breeds that are commonly placed in rescue centres (not necessarily for any fault of their own), though this indicates that we will not be able to formulate a thorough knowledge of history for these dogs. We look at all statistics and apply regular scoring to all breeds sadly those breeds cannot come to creche.

We do not personally have breed preferences, we just have to follow “Safety First” and do all we can to ensure any potential risk is eradicated, seeing 80 dogs playing freely together is a wonderful sight, however extreme measures must be taken in order to ensure we remain at 100% safety and 100% fight free.

We appreciate for the breeds concerned that this is very frustrating, however we have a Duty of Care to all the dogs on site and we are committed to doing all we can to eradicating potential risk.

This changes regularly based on the information we compile from our insurance companies.

Well, we cannot accept your dog if he/she has cleared a 6ft fence (we have 6ft fences!)

It should be mentioned that we do not transport dogs to other facilities as we have everything on site, to date we have only ever had to take a dog in a vehicle for an emergency trip to the vet when staying in our hotel (dog had a suspected pyometra) and we have taken a couple of dogs to their owners weddings (requested more frequently than you would think!) We transport these dogs as safely as possible and with one member of staff driving and another with the dog if required.

Sadly no they cannot, dogs that are guests in the Hotel get to play in day creche all day and therefore must possess the required level of social skills.

Absolutely, our bedrooms are huge and can accommodate two giant breeds without issue.


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