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Hotel Suites

Hotel Bedrooms for Overnight Care

We are the only facility in the UK to offer 24/7 care providing a staffed service (staff on hand and alert all night).  We have only TEN customised bedrooms, each bedroom is centrally heated, with double glazed doors, raised beds and themed.  So, you might like for your canine to attend sleep over in the “Princess Room”, “Toy Story Room” or maybe “Winnie The Poo” is more to your liking!

You are forgiven for thinking they resemble toddlers bedrooms – they do!

What is so different…



Included: –

  • Individual bedrooms, in a brick built insulated building, all on site. Dogs do not have to be transported off site to any other location, they are secure and safe and feel comfortable.
  • Heated with gas radiators, – we chose gas (even though it is more expensive) as this provides immediate heat, and can each room can be individually set to accommodate the smallest smooth coated puppy (maybe a Boston) through to our long coated Newfie guests.
  • We have double glazed doors also providing insulation, not bars.
  • Raised Beds (childrens) with fluffy comfortable bedding, freshly laundered.
  • Themed rooms, maybe your canine buddy has a penchant for a Pirate Room, is a Princess or sees themselves as a budding Buzz Lightyear! This creates a softer environment for your dog, far superior than plain walls, it removes the prison feel of a kennels and creates the bedroom feel of the hotel.
  • Flatscreen TV in EVERY ROOM – this provides a familiar noise and environment to your own homes, thereby reducing stress, and offering similarities that your dogs are at ease with.
  • Webcams in every room and the TV Den, allowing you to see your dog whenever you like, this alleviates your guilt (don’t be guilty, your dog is having a great hotel break), as well as proving to you – we have nothing to hide!
  • Night Managers – a team of competent, caring professional AWAKE Night Managers, who are on site all through the night, they do NOT sleep, their primary duty is to lavish care upon your pooch! In kennels, or establishments that claim to be Hotels, the dogs will be left all night in the kennel block, away from other buildings or houses (so that barking cannot be heard) When you visit here you will rarely hear barking, and when you use your Webcams, you will view that your dog is content and NEVER barking.
  • Our Night managers are a team of separate staff who have not worked all day, they are fresh and alert.
  • Communal Room (or TV DEN), also with a webcam, your dogs will chill out in this room, much like your lounge at home, the TV will be on, we have beds and sofa’s everywhere, it is a relaxed environment, somewhere they can relish in the company of the Night Manager and their fellow overnight guests.
  • CARE 24/7
  • Dog walks over the rec if your stay is a longer one, or if you think your dog requires it, though do remember that they will be more active than normal due to all the playing!


We have flat screen TV’s in every room and our WebCam page links to each bedroom where (via password only) you will be able to access the camera in your dogs bedroom and assure yourself that they are happy and content during their stay with us. All dogs have to be registered with us in order to participate in a sleep over as a typical day will involve the day spent in the Day Creche.

Arrival and check in must be by 10am on the day that you will require the Overnight Stay.  So your 24 hour hour period starts in the mornings only, this gives your dog the chance to join a pack and make friends, easing him into an overnight stay.  They will also be tired together, as opposed to having a lively one turn up at bedtime and upset the others.

Assuming you collect your dog by 10am the following morning you will be charged for only one day/night.  If you collect after 10am and prior to 1pm, you will incur a further half day Creche Charge, and if you collect after 1pm if will be a full days charge of £27.50.

VIP PACK and special offers with discounts for bulk bookings are available, please enquire.



Want to understand what a typical 24 hours looks like?

Arrive at creche sometime between 8am and 10am, your dog will go off and play with friends and staff, as they normally would.

At between 5pm and 6pm, dogs will go to their bedrooms to have a pre-dinner rest, TV’s will be on in all bedrooms.

Dinner will be served! Following Dinner and a tidy up, dogs that wish to sleep can do so, some can be very tired following a normal days activities in the Creche, some though might want to have some company or would rather snooze in a group environment, they can come into the TV Den, a communal room designed to offer company and socialisation, a comfy bed with our Night Managers on hand to offer cuddles and comfort for the next few hours.  

Between 10pm and 11pm will be “Night Nights!”, all dogs will go off to their bedrooms and TV’s will be switched off, lights dimmed, final comfort break outside and dream time will commence.

Our Night Managers will check on your dog every 30 mins to ensure their comfort and for those young pupsters on their first time away from home, or maybe you have an extra sensitive type that just needs to have some human company, then of course the Night Managers will cater for these individual requirements.

If a dog really will not settle, we will NEVER leave them in their bedrooms, alone or stressed, they will simply stay with the Night Managers in the TV Den and sleep there.

Ultimately, you will have a happy content dog, that is not left traumatised by their overnight experience, rather they embrace it is a sleep over or luxury holiday for pampered, very lucky pooches!

In the morning, breakfast will be served, and after a stretch of the legs in their own ensuite, they will then make their way over to the Day Creche where the fun commences again!

Details explaining what you will need to bring can be found on the document below(click the button to download the form), along with an Information Sheet that MUST be completed prior to staying over in order for us to understand your routines for feeding and bedtime.  Our Additional Service Agreement must also be signed and a copy will be held on your file.

Overnight Information
Overnight Instructions
Overnight Service Agreement



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