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We have tried to cover our most Frequently Asked Questions here, we hope this helps you to understand how we operate and some of our unique policies and services.


How do I register?

A:         You make an appointment to register, you will be with us for about half an hour and you will be required to complete a detailed form and we will temperament test your dog, we also need a copy of the vaccine card.

Will you accept a Titre Test?

A:         Yes, but we must have a copy of the scores and a letter from your vet stating that their levels are providing an adequate protection.

Do dogs fight?

A:         No, they are all temperament tested, sadly we are not able to pass all dogs, our fail rate is high as safety will always be placed first.

How safe is it?

A:         We are a very unique facility, no other in the UK (to our knowledge) operates under this American model with dogs running freely together (we do not cage, kennel or separate) to this scale. We have up to 80 dogs playing freely together, hence we apply more rules and policies than most canine facilities. We collate national insurance statistics that record insurance claims made for dog on dog injuries and we do not accept the highest causing breeds.

We also look at rescue centres and monitor the breeds that are commonly placed in rescue centres (not necessarily for any fault of their own), though this indicates that we will not be able to formulate a thorough knowledge of history for these dogs. We look at all statistics and apply regular scoring to all breeds sadly those breeds cannot come to creche.            

We do not personally have breed preferences, we just have to follow “Safety First” and do all we can to ensure any potential risk is eradicated, seeing 80 dogs playing freely together is a wonderful sight, however extreme measures must be taken in order to ensure we remain at 100% safety and 100% fight free.

We appreciate for the breeds concerned that this is very frustrating, however we have a Duty of Care to all the dogs on site and we are committed to doing all we can to eradicating potential risk.

So what breeds don’t you accept?

A:         This changes regularly based on the information we compile from our insurance companies.

What about other safety aspects?

A:         Well, we cannot accept your dog if he/she has cleared a 6ft fence (we have 6ft fences!) Any vehicle used to transport your dog (emergency vet or whatever reason) is crated and your dog will be securely contained, though it should be mentioned that we do not transport dogs to other facilities as we have everything on site, to date we have only ever had to take a dog in a vehicle for an emergency trip to the vet when staying in our hotel (dog had a suspected pyometra) and we have taken a couple of dogs to their owners weddings (requested more frequently than you would think!)            

Finally, the percentage of dogs not passing their temperament test is very high, we are uber choosey, and if we have the slightest doubt, then that dog will not be able to attend creche. We can recommend rehab and training with our in-house Training Dog-Cademy to remedy any issues and we will work with owners to reach a “pass” level, but we never accept a dog until we are 100% content that they are suitable.

How many incidents have occurred?

A:         Our vet can verify that we have NEVER had to take a dog to the vet because of any altercation between dogs and we are very proud to say so. We would also be obliged to report any incidents to Environmental Health and again our records with them for safety and compliance are at 100%. We are also claim free with our insurers and hold a 100% clear track record with them, no dogs hurt and no dogs lost!

What about walking my dog off site?

A:         We only tend to do that when the dog is staying for a holiday and we have Martlesham Rec right beside us, we will not take them without your specific request and we do not take them when they are just using day care services as there is no need. Your dog would remain on a training line at all times, even with the best recall, again safety always comes first.

Can I be shown around when I visit?

A:         Yes, of course, we always offer a “tour”. We have a viewing panel with one way glass into one of our Activity Room’s, we can show you as many bedrooms as you like and can even show you into the pool room (assuming we do not have dogs in it at the time). We having nothing to hide which is why we have webcams in our Hotel section, we do try to be as transparent as possible and we want you to be completely comfortable with us and our facilities.

Is the Creche open every day?

A:         Yes, however, we do not “man the reception” fully over the weekend, and the doors are always closed and you will need to ring a bell for a Manager to come to assist you.

What are the opening hours?

A:         8am – 6pm Mon – Sat and 10am – 4pm Sunday are our official open hours, we are on site 24/7 though due to having staff always present for the hotel.

Is there an expiry on pre-paid days?

A:         No, take as long as you like

Is there an outside area?

A:         Yes, fully secure

What is the ratio of people to dogs?

A:         Our ratio’s are a minimum of 1: 10 and on most occasions even better than this, we have a lot of staff, an average day would have 1:7!

Is there a maximum number of dogs allowed?

A:         Yes, we are licensed on day care for 80 dogs per day


My dog did not pass his/her temperament test, can they still come to the Hotel?

A:        Afraid not, as your dog will be required to be with other dogs during the day in the day creche.

Can I drop my dog off at 3pm for an overnight?

A:         Afraid not, dogs are “winding down” then, and bringing in a dog to integrate that has a far higher energy level would be a safety risk. We also like to ensure that sleepover dogs have already bonded during the day as we do have a TV DEN for socialising and company during the evening and it is far nicer for the dogs to be part of the gang by then.

Do I need to bring food for my dog? Bowls? Bedding?

A:            Your choice, we prefer you to as it will ensure your dog has things around him/her that are familiar, a favourite toy and a blanket that smells of home does make their stay even easier.

Can I use my pre-paid days to pay for hotel stay?

A:            Afraid not, these are heavily discounted and we cannot apply those to the Hotel as we only have ten bedrooms and this section cannot warrant that level of discount.

What happens if my dog doesn’t settle in the bedroom?

A:         No dog is EVER left distressed in a bedroom, tha tis the beauty of having staff on site and awake all night, they will simply take your dog back to the TV DEN, and your dog can sleep in there. They will be happier with someone present and pottering around, the TV remains on and we will do all we can to ensure they do settle and they are happy. No dog will ever be left stressed in a bedroom, they are checked on all night, you will be able to see that from the webcam access.


Do I have to pay extra for my dog to swim while he’s at the Creche?

A:         No, it is included in our day creche rate, the pool is used every day.

Can I swim with my dog?

A:         Afraid not, another complicated set of health and safety rules would apply, therefore we do not allow owners in the pool or on the upper deck (as they could fall in the pool), however you are allowed in the Pool Room and you will be able to be “poolside” and can take as many photo’s and video’s as you like. Beware though, you could be in the “Splash Zone!”


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